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SEB Rifle Rest *NEO-X*

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(Deutsche Überseztung steht in Kürze zur Verfügung)

NEO-X is designed for those who want the best front rest yet. It combines the winning features of my previous rests from NEO’s rapid elevation adjustment, MINI-X’s lightweight and compactness, MAX’s extra wide top, and several new innovative features.

This rest is completely different from the standard NEO. Most of the components are new and incompatible with all my previous rests (NEO/MINI/MAX). Only the top, bag, stopper, and joystick of the NEO-X can be used on the NEO/MINI/MAX.

The rest is shipped in compact mode with the legs folded. The leveling screws can be removed and reinstalled quickly with a removable insert. (F-Class feet is an optional item, only available on request).

In compact mode, it is 6” thick x 14” wide x 10.5” tall with the carrying handle on the top. When the legs fully open, the base has extra wide footprint 16.5“ CTC side to side and 14.5“ CTC from back to front. *(CTC=center to center, of the leveling screws).

NEO-X weighs approximately 8.4 kgs (18.5 lbs) complete with the joystick, the carrying handle, and the driver.

Rest is shipped with the front bag empty. You will need to fill the front bag with sand, by yourself. Sand could be different from place to place, please use what you think or find works best for you.


  • Please read the manual (and the exploded drawing) before use.
  • Do not change the initial setting if not really necessary.
  • Please use the towel provided to cover the rest during hot day or dusty condition.
  • Please keep the rest clean after use, put it back in the case or a safe place and away from any collisions. Store the leveling screws (and/or the F-Class feet) in the provided small bags to avoid scratches etc.

NOTE: It ist recommended to twist the joystick for two or three full rotations and move the joystick in rapid circular motions (any directions) before use. This will release the initial friction in the bearings mechanism and will make the joystick action even smoother.

(Deutsche Übersetzung steht in Kürze zur Verfügung)

  1. The top can swivel 360 degrees, can accept up to a six-inch wide fore end, and can be locked rapidly and securely from either side.
  2. New front bags are rapid-change and easier to install without any screws/tools.
  3. Folding and self-locking legs for compact storage. There is an innovative “insert nut” (#9) which allows the leveling screws to be removed and installed rapidly and securely.
  4. Standard configuration is elevation knob on the left hand side and single leg in the front toward the target (Option #1). This is the standard configuration for right handed shooters.
  5. With request the NEO-X can be ordered with Option #2, i.e. elevation knob on the right hand side and the single leg in the front. This is mostly for left handed shooters.
  6. Two shooting configurations per option would give the user a total of 4 (four) different rest configurations.
  7. NEO-X has a new and more refined internal mechanism which give extra smooth joystick action. The tension adjustment is also easier.
  8. Larger joystick travel. It will also cover the air rifle and rimfire targets.
  9. Lowest setting is at 5.3”, highest setting can be over 12”. Measured from the bottom of the base to the top of the front bag where the stock rides on.
  10. Equipped with a carrying handle on the top. The joystick and the driver come attached on the carrying handle (with a pair of clip-on Delrin) for more organized storage. This also minimize the chance of losing or forgetting to bring both handles. It’s also safer to transport the rest because the end tip of the leveling screws is facing the ground. When twisted to shooter’s side (either side) it can be used as cartridge holder, or a tablet holder, or spotting scope holder, with a little modification or extension.
  11. A hex tip driver allows the user to rotate the handwheel and raise the top up and down from afar allowing rapid elevation adjustment without having to reach for the front rest.
  12. Rest can be reversed with the single leg in the front toward the target, or at shooter's side.
  13. Joystick can be operated in normal mode (up for up, etc.) or in reverse motion (up for down, etc.).
  14. Aluminum F-Class feet 3” would be available on request, for those who seek a light rest.
  15. Joystick extension 3”, 6”, 9” or shorter joystick would also be available on request.
  16. BR feet with neoprene underside (3” disc) would also be available on request
  17. The NEO-X is available in Raw (mill/polish finish), All Black, All Blue, All Red, or combination of Blue-Black, Red-Black, Orange Gold-Black. Some components remain in raw / polished finish.
  18. Small bubble levels are added on the top/side plates, a circular bubble level is also placed in the center of the base. These bubble levels only act as an “aid” to level up the base/rest. Sand in the front bag could shift during firing and the bubble level on your rifle/scope might not match with the bubble levels on the rest. Please trust the bubble level on your rifle/scope instead of the ones on the rest.

* inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten

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